Friday, 2 March 2012

Why We Should Eat Chocolate

We have been learning to write persuasive arguments, although as my class are beginning writers our  arguments are very short, but they still managed to persuade me!

Our reasons why we should eat chocolate:

Because it is yum and I like chocolate. 
 I love chocolate and sometimes I have it for dessert.
I think it is yummy and chocolate makes me laugh.
It is very yummy and I have been good.
It makes me smile because it is nice. 

If they were able to persuade me with their arguments I told them we could share some chocolate for morning tea. (This was a great motivator during writing time.)

Of course everyone had a piece, because we all love chocolate!

For fun we made chocolate dipped spoons to take home with marsh-mellows to try and persuade their parents to let them have a some chocolate.

You need:
Plastic spoons
Clear plastic bags

Melt the chocolate, I melted mine in a microwave and kept it warm over a bowl of water.

Dip the spoon in the chocolate and carefully use another spoon to coat your plastic spoon.

 Let the chocolate set.

Put it in the bag with two marsh-mellows and tie it closed with a ribbon.

You can use your spoon and marsh-mellows next time you have a hot chocolate.

My class were very pleased to take these home, they did a brilliant job following my instructions too.

We have also been reading a poem about chocolate.

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