Friday, 16 March 2012

Super Shape Collage

 One goal of teaching geometry is to enable children to develop “a feeling for shape and the properties of objects so that they can tell objects apart, classify them and know their basic properties.”

We have been learning to recognise and name shapes and their attributes. And as I love art and I am always trying to incorporate it into other curriculum areas we made these shape collages (inspired by this website)

 Here are our collages drying.

I cut lots of circles, triangles, squares, and oblongs out of tissue paper. (Tissue paper is quite tricky for little hands to cut and I didn't want this to be a cutting activity.) We then glued on the shapes, trying to create new shapes by overlapping the tissue paper. The children have chosen one part of their collage to glitterise. 

Arranging and gluing on our shapes. 

Some of the finished artwork - note the glitter.

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