Wednesday, 16 November 2011

At the Circus

We have been discovering the circus this week for our Mountaineers Discovery session.

We made clown hats decorated with foam shapes for our circus. Peeling and sticking stickers or shapes uses the same fine motor skills that we use when manipulating a pencil for writing.

We cut out and folded up circus animals from this website.

 We made happy or sad clown faces, using a paper plate, tissue paper, and pompoms.

We practiced our acrobat and clown skills. We used our PMP equipment as part of our circus training.

PMP is a programme which aims to develop the child's perceptions and understandings of himself or herself in relation to her/his world, through movement/motor experiences. It aims to develop perceptions of height and space, the pattern and order of the child's natural world, the laws and limitations that govern the human body. Above all it aims to give the child confidence to manipulate him/herself in their world to suit her or his own best interests.
We dressed up as circus clowns and animals using these masks from Sparklebox.

We decorated popcorn cups and made popcorn to eat, just like you can eat at the circus.We had lots of fun watching our friends practice their circus tricks while we ate our popcorn.

We sold circus tickets for our circus. I cut the tickets into strips and the children were able to cut individual tickets off the strips. They had lots of fun paying for their tickets with our play money. 

Here are a couple of circus themed poems that we have in our poetry box:

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