Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Using a Computer in Class

Websites we are using at the moment:
  • Toy Theater - Some great maths games and other fun games to enjoy.
  • Starfall - For practicing our reading and phonics.
  • Switcheroo Zoo - Fun animal games and activities relating to our inquiry focus.
We are very lucky here at Totara Park School, as well as having laptop computers available in each classroom, we also have a 'pod' of netbooks that are available for teachers to use with the whole class to support their learning programs.

I think the ability to use a computer is a very important skill. This includes the basics like; how to turn a computer on and off, connect to the internet, and use a mouse and keyboard. Playing games on the computer is fun, but they also support children to learn and practice these skills.

 We are currently using our computer as one of our reading and writing activities and during our maths time. Although we use a timer (an egg timer in the shape of an egg named 'Timey' by a previous student), we are still working on making sure we take turns when using the laptop so everyone gets a fair turn. 

Here we are using our laptop, can you see Timey?

A favourite activity for my son on our computer at home is to google Lego instructions, download the pdf files, and take the laptop to his massive mountain of Lego and use these instructions to build new Lego creations. My son is nearly 6, and it still amazes me what he can do on the computer!

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