Friday, 4 November 2011

Firework Art

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder Treason and Plot.

We made fireworks art to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th November. 

We flattened cupcakes cases flat to make a circle.

We coloured the outside of our cupcake cases with felt-pens.

After colouring our cupcake cases, we used scissors to cut around the outside of the cases towards the center. This was to make our cupcake cases look like exploding fireworks.

We glued the cases on to black paper and added generous splashes of glitter.

This week we have been reading 'Fireworks' a poem by Gareth Lancaster. We looked at some of the onomatopoeia in the poem and tried to think of some that we could use to describe our firework art.

We used these words when we were talking about our art:

We also found out these facts about Guy Fawkes Night:
  • Guy Fawkes tried to blow up The House of Lords in England and King James I on 5th November 1605.
  • We use fireworks and bonfires to celebrate the fact the King James I didn't die.
  • Fireworks are dangerous and should only be used by adults.
  • Keep your pets inside on Guy Fawkes Night.

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