Friday, 25 November 2011

Blast Off

We made these rockets yesterday during our Mountaineers Discovery session. We had so much fun launching them across the classroom.

You need: straws, pencil, tape, and a strip of paper.

Draw windows for your rocket, and write your name on it so you can find it after you launch it.

Roll the paper around the straw.

  Use lots of sellotape to make your paper into a tube. This is your rocket.

 Fold over one end of your rocket and tape it closed.

 Launch your rocket by holding the straw to your mouth and blowing as hard as you can. Don't forget to count backwards to 0 before you blast off.

This activity was great fine motor skills practice, manipulating the paper and tape was quite tricky for some children. They were also able to use practice blowing - using their lips and facial muscles to do this can help children with muscle weaknesses in this area. And watching the rocket (and watching out for other rockets) helps children with eye-tracking, letting them practice this skill to get ready for using it when reading.

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