Monday, 14 November 2011

Magic Mobilo

Our fantastic Home and School Association has been hard at work fund-raising and we have been able to use some of this money to purchase Mobilo for our Mountaineers Discovery sessions.

Mobilo is a great tool to for construction play.We have been hard at work creating some amazing creations with our brand new Mobilo. 

The process of creating something using construction materials can help develop a variety of important skills; the ability to manipulate materials, spatial awareness, imagination, turn taking, improvisation, enthusiasm, resilience, and persistence (the ability to try again when things are hard or go wrong). These are all things that are a key part of a child's learning and development.

We also use other materials for construction play; Duplo, Lego, wooden blocks, plastic construction sticks, wood and tools for building, and cardboard boxes.

I'm looking forward to offering the Mobilo at Choosing Time and as one of my reading and writing activities too.

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