Friday, 11 November 2011

What Comes First? The Chicken or The Egg?

As part of our Absolutely Amazing Animal Inquiry Unit we have been exploring what makes an animal an animal. We decided that animals - 
  • breathe, 
  • have babies, 
  • eat, 
  • wee and poo (there was much delight over this fact). 
So when I asked if people are animals, after a bit of debate we decided that they were (even though we wear clothes).

This has led to us looking at mammals and oviparous animals. Oviparous animals are animals that hatch from eggs. 

After reading this poem we made a list of animals that come from eggs, luckily the poem gave us lots of clues. 

We found that birds, snakes, lizards, fish, frogs, insects, and spiders all come from eggs. Our art work this week has reflected our fascination with eggs.

We held a chicken egg carefully in our gentle hands, we all sat in a circle and passed round a bag with the egg hidden inside. The look on their faces when they realised there was an egg hiding in the bag and they were to keep it a secret was gorgeous.

We used wool and a large plastic needle to thread these cardboard eggs.

 Look at our clever designs, we were very persistent to thread the whole egg. It was tricky to start with, but one child enjoyed himself so much he made 4 eggs. 

I hung our eggs on fishing wire for everyone to admire.

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