Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Yum - Ice cream!!!

Look at our super cute ice-cream cones. We love ice-cream for summer.

Thanks to this website for the great idea.

First, colour in your ice-cream cone. We used 'Jovi's'.

Cut out your ice-cream cone.

Glue your ice-cream cone on to your paper.

Paint your hand with a delicious ice-cream colour paint. We used strawberry.

Print your hand on the paper so that your fingers create the ice-cream drips running down the cone. You may need to turn the paper around so it is upside down to make the printing easier. We only used one scoop, but if you have time for your art to dry between scoops, you could create two or three scoop cones.

Yum, delicious!

I love creating art that involves using colouring, cutting, and sensory experiences. Colouring and cutting are important skills we like to practice during our Mountaineers Discovery sessions. Holding a pencil or pen or crayon to colour allows me to observe and help foster correct pencil grip (an important skill we need for writing), and colouring in itself is another activity that encourages children to manipulate a writing tool with accuracy -something that they will be doing when they start writing.
Using paint as a sensory experience allows children to explore the coldness and texture of wet paint, and take a risk making a mess. Some children love getting their hands dirty, others find this difficult.

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